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Malaysia global demand for Halal product keep increasing yearly with revenue projected up to Billion dollar, this is due to all

halal product is very clean, safe, and harmful to the consumer. 


To achieve excellent product quality, the manufacturer should comply with the Halal Standard QMS, HACCP, and GMP. 

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.


The HACCP system, as it applies to food safety management, uses the approach of controlling critical points in food handling to prevent food safety problems. The system, which is science based and systematic, identifies specific hazards and measures for their control to ensure the safety of food. HACCP is based on prevention and reduces the reliance on end-product inspection and testing. It is a system that can be applied throughout the food chain.

GMP is a system that involves:


  • Quality Control

  • Cleanliness

  • Hygiene Food SafetyProcedures

The Advantages of implementing a HACCP system


  • Enhances food safety

  • Resources are affectively utilised

  • Timely response to food safety issues/problems

  • Greater involvement of food handlers in understanding and ensuring food safety

  • Can aid inspection by food control regulatory authorities and promote international trade by increasing buyers' confidence.

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